Emily Gordon

Emily Gordon, the other half of our dynamic duo, brings a fresh perspective and invaluable expertise to BrandUp Apparel. Her journey as a business owner began in 2015, when she chose to dedicate her time to her newborn child. During this pivotal moment, Emily and her mother, Patti, embarked on a creative journey that would shape their future.

With a deep passion for crafting and a natural talent for design, Emily played a pivotal role in expanding our services beyond custom t-shirts. The duo's dedication led them to discover an unmet demand for screen printing and embroidery services.

Emily's commitment to delivering quality products and innovative solutions has been instrumental in our journey from a small startup to a thriving business. She is the driving force behind our partnerships with local schools, where we create spirit wear and merchandise, connecting our brand with the community we serve.

Together, Patti and Emily have transformed their craft into a flourishing business, selling thousands of products each year. Their dedication, creativity, and commitment to quality continue to be the driving force behind BrandUp Apparel's success.

Let's Craft Your Brand's Success

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